Congratulations on finding your passion. You’ve built a career doing work that you love, and you are changing lives. You have important work to do. Don’t let words get in the way.


Whether you know what you need to say but can’t find the words, are struggling to get your novel across the finish line, or need sales copy to beat your competitors, we’ve got you.

Hundreds of projects have crossed our desks over the past decade and a half—manuscripts, websites, email campaigns, blog posts, and all sorts of other writing and editing jobs. We know what we’re doing, and we do it very, very well.

The process is simple.

After we connect and learn more about your project, we will customize a plan for you, so you’ll have the right words to finally share your brilliance with the world.

Excellent work from this team! Superior content, excellent customer service, and they just “get it.”

Leona Conrick

Executive Director, PEI Military Family Resource Centre


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Once upon a time, freelance editor Christine Gordon Manley and freelance writer Jaime Lee Mann were virtual strangers. The pair followed one another on Twitter, but they had no relationship beyond the odd mention here or retweet there.

When they met in person for the first time at a Tweet Up in June 2010, they started chatting as if they’d been best friends for twenty years. That evening, the pair joked about how they should join forces and start a business called Manley Mann. And the rest is history.

Recent Posts

 The Manley Mann blog is a collection of writing and editing advice, marketing thoughts, and general tips and tidbits that we feel are worthy of sharing.

Why the best tools for memoir editing are compassion and empathy

Why the best tools for memoir editing are compassion and empathy

When an author opens themselves up and puts their story down on paper with the intent on sharing it with others, it is my job (the listener) to ensure that what they are meaning to say is heard and understood by others. That the message is clear. That the story is presented in the best possible way.  It isn’t my job to question anyone’s lived experience.

A simple guide to the different types of editing

A simple guide to the different types of editing

Whether you’re looking to have a book manuscript edited, a resume cleaned up, or are in need of some tidier web copy, you’re likely reading this blog post to get a deeper understanding of how the editing process works. Maybe you aren't sure what kind of editing you...

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While we do have a set range of writing and editing rates, we provide custom pricing for every project that comes our way because every one of them is different. After we learn more about what it is you need and how we can help, we’ll customize a quote for you.

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