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Over the many years that we’ve spent working with website developers, brand agencies, and marketing firms, we’ve found that creative projects are often delayed at the stage where clients are supposed to provide content.

Many business owners have trouble seeing the value in hiring someone to write content for them because they feel it’s an easy thing to do themselves. However, once they’re down to the wire, they realize it’s not as easy as they thought.

We believe content and design must work together to create brands that stick.

“Your ability to create engaging, emotional, and branded content for our wide range of clientele never ceases to amaze us all. You ladies are seriously talented!”

Shanna Dennis

Brand Strategist, Enticity Branding

We’ve worked with many creative teams to take on the copywriting for their clients, so that projects are done well and on time.

writing and editing services for agencies


Offer your clients professionally written marketing collateral that suits their new brand, from website content to email copy, and everything in between.


 If your clients do come to you with content, but it is rough around the edges, we can smooth it out so that it’s as sharp and hard-working as your graphics.

Brand Voice

As you develop branding collateral for your clients, an outside perspective can be helpful. We love to dig in to a brand, find its heart, and tell the world what it beats for.

Some agencies call on us as they need our help, while others include our services as part of their process with all of their clients. Contact us to discuss how we can be integrated into your business to help your clients rise above internet noise.

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While we do have a set range of writing and editing rates, we provide custom pricing for every project that comes our way because every one of them is different. After we learn more about what it is you need and how we can help, we’ll customize a quote for you.

Which Best Describes You?
I am in business for myself and need help with copywritingI am an author or aspiring author and need either an editor or a ghostwriterI own a marketing/branding/website company and need copy for my clients