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When you operate a business, the amount of content you need to producon a regular basis can be quite overwhelming. Blog posts, LinkedIn articles, email campaigns, free downloads, social media adsthe list never ends.

In a perfect world, every small business would have a copywriter or copyeditor on staff to ensure that all communications are consistent and grammatically correct. And in that idyllic magical land, said employee would have an excellent grasp on your brand, your customers’ needs, and your corporate tone of voice, so that every piece of content being created hits your audience in the emotions and, eventually, their credit card.

We offer a range of copywriting and copyediting services for businesses. You can even put us on retainer so you never have to think about coming up with content ever again.

Ideally, we would start with defining your brand voice and move forward from there, becoming an extension of your team, and effectively giving you your own copywriting department.

writing and editing services for businesses


We write websites, blog posts, email campaigns, press releases, lead magnets, books, articles, sales letters, brochures, product descriptions, bios, and landing pages.


Many businesses and organizations turn to us solely for editing. If you already have the raw content, we can edit and proofread it for consistency, grammar, and clarity.


Whether you need help establishing a brand voice or brainstorming ideas for your new online course, put our years of creative experience to work for you.

Our writing and editing services are priced to allow us to take a limited number of clients and to give those clients our very best focused attention. For this reason, we book up quickly.  We suggest you contact us as soon as possible, so that if we are the right fit, we can schedule you in according to your deadline. Left it to the last minute? Click the panic button and take a deep breath.

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While we do have a set range of writing and editing rates, we provide custom pricing for every project that comes our way because every one of them is different. After we learn more about what it is you need and how we can help, we’ll customize a quote for you.

Which Best Describes You?
I am in business for myself and need help with copywritingI am an author or aspiring author and need either an editor or a ghostwriterI own a marketing/branding/website company and need copy for my clients