We firmly believe that everyone has a story to tell. Yes, everyone. What is different is how each person wishes to tell that story and what level of help they may require in doing so.

  • Some of our clients want to write their story themselves and would like our guidance on the process
  • Some of our clients have no interest in writing a book themselves and hire us to ghostwrite it for them
  • Some of our clients have a half-written book, run out of steam, and ask us to help them finish it
  • Some of our clients have a full manuscript written, and they hire us to edit it

We’ve worked with authors at all stages of the writing journey. And we love hearing from people who want to tell their story because we also believe the world needs to hear more stories.

How the Manley Manns Can Help You Share Your Story with the World

Let’s assume that you contact us for help through the entire process of writing a book. You come to us with an idea and a desire to get your book out there into the Universe. The following plan would be a basic example of how this type of author coach support might work:

  1. We meet via video call or in person to discuss your idea and a possible book structure
  2. We make a schedule of check-in meetings (determined by you and your budget), where we may read what you’ve written (if you like) to help you through creative blocks, provide critique, suggest next steps … whatever you need. If you aren’t quite ready for us to read your words, we can also just chat through your process, noting any challenges you’re facing and come up with a work plan for you.
  3. After you have a first draft, you would hire us to read it and provide a structural edit to see where there may be gaps or opportunities to strengthen the book.
  4. You go back and continue working through drafts, and calling on us as needed, until you have your words in place.

At this point, we would chat with you about whether you’d like to self-publish your work or pursue traditional publishers.

  • If you wish to self-publish: We would copyedit your manuscript, making sure you have correct grammar and punctuation, and we would also strongly recommend a proofread, to ensure no pesky typos or errors made their way through the previous stages (they can be sneaky, those things!).
  • If you wish to go the traditional publishing route: We would chat to you about the various submission processes and what your needs are—our services here include helping you sort through publishing options, drafting a book proposal, and putting together book queries and submission packages

And that’s that!

Ready to write? Great! Get writing. (Or get in touch and we’ll write for you.)